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Healing Requests:


 If you wish for a Loved One to have their name placed on our pages for Healing Prayers to be sent, contact:

07479374667/[email protected]

Thank you

We will be pleased to post your requests on our pages as well as to our various Healers for their prayers.

Healing Prayers for all those mentioned below:


'Great Spirit, we ask that the energy of spirit, which is the true power of all life, empowers our thought to engage the healing process for all who are in need at this time. Amen

Stephen Hughes, Liverpool

Meg Simpson, Southport

Jean Reigl

Dave Wickins, Ince Blundell

Jayne, Steve and Reann Armstrong, Ormskirk

Natalie Tallants Grandmother

Gilly Farrelly, Prescot 

 Pam Horne, Southport

Jennifer Jones, Sydney, Austalia 

Beannie Whewell, Ormskirk

Deborah Moss, Liverpool

Glynn Davies, Chorley

Nathan Blundell, Lancs

John Davies and family/ Eccleston

The Talbot family/Liverpool/Skelmersdale

Emma Eyre, Preston

Terry & Carol Cunningham, Banks 

The Fieldsend Family, Liverpool

Derek Sawyer, Skelmersdale 

The Mitchell Family, Liverpool/Coventry

Baby Pheobe & Olivia, Liverpool

Michelle & Steve Buchanan, Preston 

The McColl Family, Liverpool

Mr, Mrs Paul DeLeth, Liverpool

The Hoyle Family, Bradford

Lynn Mercer, Liverpool

Margaret & Robert Wilson, Warrington

Mick Hughes, Preston

The Fitchitt family, Whiston 

Marina Schonen, Germany

Roy Ingham, Lancs

Samantha Williams, Africa 

Karl Angell, Lancs

Megan Kitchings family, Southport 

Jake Wright, Lancs

The Hill family, Liverpool

Debbie Nickolson, Blackburn

Daren Hall, Wigan

The Proctor Family and Friends, Southport

Yvonne Cann, Chorley

Nicky Flynn and family, Liverpool

Belinda Jones & family, Liverpool

 Glyn and John Casserley, Preston

To the gentlemans family & friends, who took his life on the 15th January 2013 on Portland Street Level Crossing, Southport

To the Train Driver and all who where on the train and witnessed the sad event above, our healing thoughts are

with you all. Southport

The Taylor Family, Southport

Garry Maclean, Preston

Arron Day, Preston,

Pat Fennel & Family, Southport

Lisa Meadows, Southport

Laura McKenzie, Southport

Joanne Kavanagh, Liverpool

Gwen Johnson, Southport

Pat & Pat Deveney & family, Southport

Rose & family, Blackpool

Joseph Allen, Stockport

Anne Knight, Stockport

The McCarthy Family, Ainsdale

Josie, Southport

Carol Hayton, Southport

Ron Halsall, Banks

Joan Tansley, Liverpool

Tommy Brown, Liverpool

John Keddy, Liverpool

Otto & Grace Green, Buscough

Ray, his mum & Hannah, Liverpool

The Scott family, Southport

The Monks family, Banks

The Sheard family, Southport

Barry & Karen Smith & family, Skelmersdale

Karl Hunter, Tarleton

Derrick Walker, Southport

Daniel & Family, Liverpool

Sue Shields, Liverpool

Rose Kavanagh & family, Old Skelmersdale

The Whittaker family, Liverpool

 Julie Lindley, Wigan

Sean Billington, Preston

 Lin Pilling, Wigan

Whiteside family, New Ferry

The Harrison family, Wirral

Lynsey Wright, Southport

Alistair, Headley Court. Surrey

Christie Family Preston

Lesley & Richard, Cannock

Boys & Girls at Headley Court, Surrey

Irene Ward, Southport

Jack Ratcliffe, Preston

Deborah Booth, Southport

Colin Hughes, Southport

Kingo Coops, Euxton

The Kelleher Family, Liverpool

Scott Angell & family, Ann Angell & Sam, Burscough

Pat Massey, Southport

Anthony, Whiston

Helen Nelson, Southport

Dawn & Family, Leyland

Basil Austin, Chorley

Elaine Norris, Skelmersdale

Joanne Overton, Southport

Colette Newsham, Blackpool

William Leith, Skelmersdale

Anne Hamner, Lancs

Joanne Ellison, Lancs

Denise Dyson, Southport

Pat Westmorland, Southport

Neil Martin , Skelmersdale

Ma McHugh's Family, Skelmersdale

Darren Ashall, Chorley

Norma & Anne, Liverpool

Bruce & Sheila Davidson, Banks

Michael Hughes, Preston

John  & Maureen Ellwood, Liverpool

Sapper Ashely Hall, Essex

Renee Dyel, Ireland

Natalie Dodd, Southport

Joe Dewship, Southport

James Holroyd, Preston  

Rob Crombleholme, Liverpool

The Vantubua Family, Scotland

Shaz Sweeney, Preston

The West Family, Liverpool

The Ibison Family, Southport

Sarah Hellier, Whiston

Cpl Ricky Fergusson, Telford

Malcolm Farrell, Preston

Nikola Rafferty, Preston

Diane Jones, Liverpool

Lesley Sherrard, Widnes

Christine, Skelmersdale

Caitlin McKeown, Ireland 

Emma Mullen, Liverpool

Kelly Bailiff, Southport 

Yvonne Edwards, Birkdale

Lee Edmonds family, Southport 

 Henry Deacon, Skelmersdale

Rebecca Green, Norley Hall

Janat Jurgens, Culceth 

 Jane & Marie, London

Joan Blackburn, Skelmersdale 

Steve Marsh, Penwortham  

Clair Farrell, Southport

Celia Quinn, Liverpool

Cassie Shortall, Southport

Jean Roughley, Ormskirk

Suzanne McHugh, Penwortam

Emma Eyre, Preston

Carol & John Roberts, Liverpool

Janet Warburton, Longridge

Flo Quinn, Wirral

Roy Williams, Farnworth

David Whittaker, Skelmersdale

Southport Hospital Nursing Staff, Southport

Julie Johnson, London

Joanna Wilson, Liverpool

George, Halsall

Kingsman Watson, Preston

Helen Warren, Liverpool

Peter Woodward, Southport

Tommy Mckenna, Liverpool

The Mercer Family, Chester

Lisa Burn, Southport

Stan Marsh, Liverpool

Kelly Marsh, Chorley

Debbie, Liverpool

Joan Vaughan, Manchester

Masie Gibson, Liverpool

Agnes & Robert Murray, Southport

Ann O'Shae. Southport

Brenda Noel, Liverpool

Emma Jones, Liverpool

Kathy Kirby, Burscough

Dee Knott, Burscough

Paul Edwards, Preston

 George Barry , Southport

The Edwards Family, Preston 

Hillary Webster, Southport 

Paul Elliot, Camp Bastion

Margaret Graham, Liverpool

Andrea Young & family, Chorleton 

Maureen Graham, Canada 

Sheila Johnson, Southport 

Nikki Barnbrock, Skelmersdale

The Whittaker Family,  Skelmersdale

Will, Camp Bastion

Billy Jones, Liverpool

Ricky Hatton, Kandahar, Afghanistan

Brenda Wright, Kirby, Liverpool

The Taylor Family, Preston

Sue Hayes & Family, Leigh

Kelsey Taylor Family, Wigan

John McKenna, Liverpool

Emma Spencer, Burscough

Graham Wright, Skelmersdale

The Wright family, Southport

The Woodward family, Southport

Roy Broadfoot, Liverpool

Joan Mac's family, Sheila, Jan & children, Southport

Ken Perks, Preston

Joanne Wilson, Southport

Sue & John Jones, Liverpool

Staff & Patients, Selly Oak Hospital

Len & Barbara Curtis, Blackpool

Michael Loy, Newcastle

All at Donna's Dream House & their Families, North West area


One night I dreamed a dream,

I was walking along the beach with my Lord

Across the dark sky flashed scenes of my life,

For each scene, I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand,

one belonging to me and one to my Lord.

When the last scene of my life shot before me

I looked back at the footprints in the sand.

There was only one set of footprints.

I realised that this was at the lowest and saddest times of my life.

This always bothered me and I questioned the Lord about my dilema.

'Lord, You told me when I decided to follow You,

You would walk and talk with me all the way;

But I'm aware that during the most troublesome times of my life there is only one set of footprints.

I just don't understand why, when I needed You most,

You leave me.'

He whispered, 'My precious child, I love you and will never leave you,

never, ever, during your trials and testings,

When you saw only one set of footprints it was then that I carried you.'


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