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For all those who have passed to the Higher Side

Contact for inclusion:

Tina: 07479374667/[email protected]


Blessed be that the Souls mentioned below on these pages made a soft and peaceful transistion from this world to the next. Amen'


Audrey Whitby, Liverpool


Valerie Ewing, Southport


Tricia Malpass, Southport


Jean Price, Southport, formerly Skelmersdale

Edith Mary Smart, Southport


Gem Southport

Patricia Simms, Liverpool 


Brian Parfitt, Preston

'A man dies still, if he has done nothing, as one who has done much' 


Rhys Mark Davies,  Eccleston

JUNE 2014

Harold Roland Coulsting, Rhos on Sea

Lena Rodgers, Ormskirk

Beryl Burrows, Liverpool

MAY 2014

Anthony David Talbot, Liverpool

Marcus Ian Dickson, Southport

Irene Marsh, Liverpool

APRIL 2014

Margaret Wilson, Warrington


Patrick Kinney, Florida, USA 



Mrs Fieldsend, Liverpool


Rev. Bob Love, Carlisle

(May gentle and sweet repose be yours kind sir)

Baby Harley, Preston 

(May you rest in sweet repose young cherub, in the arms of our Lord) 


Greta Bayley, Crewe

Diane Hampton, Whiston


Sharon Mitchell, Liverpool (formerly of Coventry) 

AUGUST 2013 

Wendy McColl, Liverpool 

JULY 2013

Johhny Fitchitt, Whiston (age 22yrs)

Bernie Nolan, Lancs

Sarah Gardiner, Farrington

Colin Hoyle, Bradford

JUNE 2013

Joyce Heppel, Manchester

(Remebered with great happiness by all who knew her)

Beryl Burrows, Southport 

Megan Kitchings, Southport



MAY 2013

Susan Lavelle, Liverpool

(If we are lucky, once in a lifetime we meet someone incredible, you were to me, that very person.  Words cannot describe the pain I feel at your loss to this world. Thank you for coming to see me today, brought by your lovely sister Jill.  Blessings to a very special lady, my dearest friend Sue, love you always and forever)


Joyce Hill, Crosby, Liverpool

APRIL 2013

John Nickolson, Blackburn

Dianne Elliott, Middleton

(God Bless this thy Servant, who worked tirelessly for and on behalf of our Spirit friends.

May she rest in peace, much loved and respected by all who knew her) 


FEB 2013

Mary Mullen, Liverpool 

Sue Ashcroft, Southport

Sylvia Peters, Speke, Liverpool

Mike Proctor, Southport

JAN 2013

Sofia Flynn, Liverpool

(touched this earth for such a short time, but carried on the wings of Angels to rest and recover from her transition, missed so much by mum, dad and family)

To the gentleman who took his life on Portland Street Level Crossing, Southport

(May your God and the Angels guide you safely to your destination.

Our hearts go out to you and your family)

Dorothy Casserley, Chorley


DEC 2012

Stuart Taylor, Southport

Rev. Glenys Clarke, Southport

(Sleep well my friend, a battle hard fought, but sadly lost.  May you continue your work by Gods side, always and forever, onward and upward)


Pat Fennels granddaughter and four Children, USA

(Dear Lord, let the innocent sleep in peace and be at rest with their mother.)


Donna Richards, Liverpool 

Henry Halewood, Liverpool


Bernard Blaney, Southport

John Kavanagh, Liverpool

(May this loving a peaceful man, make his transition into the world of Spirit with love and happiness at his side)

Margaret Farley-Jackson, Southport


Wendy Hargreaves mum, Liverpool


Anne Leatherbarrow, Southport

JULY 2012

Christie Deveney, Liverpool

George Sherwin, Skelmersdale

(Re-united with his beautiful wife)

MAY 2012

Frazer McCarthy, Ainsdale

Lynsey Wright, Southport

Josie's Brother, Southport

Gareth Williams, Birkenhead

(Now at peaceful rest, from pain and suffering)


APRIL 2012

Diane (Josie's), Southport

MARCH 2012

Alice Fynn, Prestwick

Dorothy Smith, Skelmersdale

Winifred McCool, Liverpool

Terry Castle, Penwortham, Preston

Baby Joseph Douglas, Southport

Benjamin Hardmain (2yrs), Preston

Michael Roberts, Southport

Chris Monks, Banks, Lancs

Mary Smith, Liverpool


Margaret Biddulph, Southport

Anne Leyland, Southport

(Sadly both of these elderly ladies had their lives taken from them.

May they both rest in peace, as our condolences go out the their families)

Joseph Pursall, Southport

(May God keep his little soul in his tender care and keeping)


Jane Scope, East End, London

Scott Sheard, Southport

Harry, Southport

Sharon Kinney, Liverpool

Maureen Denny, Walton, Liverpool



Ron Manning, Southport

("precious in the sight of the Lord, is the death of His saints")

Psalm 116:15

Ma McHugh, Skemersdale

MARCH 2011

Harry Threlfall, Liverpool

Monty, Whiston

Lady, Lytham St. Annes

Charlie Meadow, Southport

APRIL 2011

Jean Sherwin, Preston

Mick Wilson, Preston

Jimmy Simms, Liverpool

MAY 2011

James Deveney, Liverpool

Mick Fareena, Preston

Frankie Dollo, Bownmanville, Canada

JUNE 2011

Ray Dunn, Warrington 

Paul Scott, Liverpool

(My cousin, a lovely man.  A credit to his father/stepfather, mother & siblings.

A wonderful husband & father.

Those who knew him will miss him incredibly, as great loss to all.

Love & blessings Paul, 'til we meet again.)

JULY 2011

Steven Kelleher, Liverpool

(One of our Members, gentle & kind hearted, a true loss to us all

God bless, Stephen, see you when we get there.)


Celia Hesketh, Liverpool

)Please God, ensure this lovely lady is now at peace

and living amongst those beautiful energies you 

have across the veil.)

Carol Fish, Chorley

Amy, Leicestere

Becki Lewis, Southport

Liz Butler, Merseyside

Mr Leech, Southport 



Lee Lockwood, Manchester



Lilian O'Neill, Fazakerley

(Sorely missed by all who have been touched by this lovely lady

who is now with the Angels she so dearly loved)

Ben, North East

Sally, much loved dog of the Deveney Family, Southport

Margaret Harrison, Wirral



Mrs Deakin, Skelmersdale

Theresa Whiteside , New Ferry



Baby thomas Whittaker, Liverpool

This little innocent bore so much in his short life,

Now with the Angels, may he be once more whole again.


Thomas Kavanagh, Old Skelmersdale

A much loved, husband, father, son, uncle and brother

A shining light for all those who knew him.





Is death the last sleep? No, it is the last final awakening.

(Sir Walter Scott 1771 - 1832)


The Services Past & Present:


' They Grow not old as we that are left grow old

Age shall not weary them,

Nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun

And in the morning we shall Remember the,

We shall Remember them.'


Sgt. William Ross, Southport, 2008

 Daryl Caswell, Canada, 2008

 Cpl. Marc Birch, UK, Dec 2008

Lt. Aaron Lewis UK, Dec 2008

Sgt. John Manuel, UK, Dec 2008

LCpl. Steven Fellows, UK, Dec 2008

RM Damian Davies, UK, Dec 2008

Cpl. Tom Gaden, UK, Feb 2009

Cpl. Graeme Stiff, UK, March 2009

Cpl. Dean John, UK, March 2009

Pte., Jason Swindlehurst, July 2009


Harry Patch, the last survivor of World War I to fight in the trenches, has died aged 111 in Somerset, July 2009 

Cpl. Michael Gilyeat, Ainsdale, Southport

All Military Personnel throughout 2009

Sapper Mark Anthony Smith, July 2010

Lt. Neal Turkington, July 2010

Jordan Bancroft (1st Lancs Duke of Lancasters) August 2010

Marine Adam Brown, August 2010

Lance Sgt. Dale Alanzo McCallum, August 2010

 Lt John Sanderson, August 2010

Sapper Darren Foster, August 2010

Kingsman Darren Deady, August 2010 

 Eileen Nearne, September 2010

Trp Andrew Howarth, September 2010

Act. Cpl. David Barnsdale, October 2010

Sap. William Blanchard, October 2010

Gdsman. Christopher Davies, November 2010

Rger. Aaron McCormick, November 2010

Prt. John 'Jack' Howard, December 2010

Cpl. Steven Thomas Dunn, December 2010

WO2 Charlie Henry Wood, December 2010

Pvt. Joseva Vatubua, January 2011

Prt. Martin Bell, January 2011

Lance Cpl. Kyle Kleet Marshall, February 2011

Pvt. Robert Wood, February 2011

Pte. Dean Hutchinson, February 2011

Pvt. Lewis Hendry, February 2011

Pvt Conrad Lewis,  February 2011

Royal Marine, Sam Alexander, 2011

Ltnt. Ollie Augustin, 2011

Pte. Anthony Frampton, 2012

Sgt. Nigel Coupe 2012

Pte. Daniel Wade, 2012

Pte. Christopher Kershaw, 2012

Pte. Daniel Wilford, 2012

Cpl. Jake Hartley, 2012

including all those who have been killed throughout the year of 2012, they are just too numerous for us all to take in  Bless each and everyone of them


 When you go home

Tell them of us

For your Tomorrows

We gave our Today

'Sea of Faces'

By Ann-Marie Spittle

See us!

We are not just pictures

Pieces of a tableau

Or parts of a mosaic

To make you weep

We lived and breathed

Held children in our arms

Hugged family before we left

And many only have that memory

Think only of us as we were

Not this two dimensional nothingness

That has no depth of us

Your memories will add that


We are not the coffins

you see

The flag draped

Or the stone calved

with a name

We are your heart

If pictures make pictures

Then know this

The picture we would make is of the Union Flag

And the map of this

United Kingdom


He is with you


He is with you on your waking; he is with you all the time

He is with you, you who loved him and wants you to be fine


He is with you every moment and knows that you are sad

He is with you, hears your tears fall, which makes you feel so bad


He is with you in your sorrow and knows how much you care

He is with you right behind you, but you can’t believe he’s there.


He is with you in your heart dear as you know he’s always been

He is with you, just like always but he just cannot be seen.


He is with you and he cries so as you stand beside his Grave

He is with you more than ever your broken heart to save.


He is with you with your crying and knows how much you care

He is with you, all the time dear and wishes he was there.


He is with you in this struggle, in a world that can be grim

He is with you; yes he’s with you, just like you were for him.


© David Killelay

The Symbol


Freedoms Horror

Fate again bows it's ugly young head as two more pine coffins carry two more brave dead two Union Jacks and he streets neatly lined two more proud mothers, their grief intertwinedOne was from  England the other a Scot they died for each other whether you knew it or not.Well why did they go there, for the glory?  The tan?

Or to protect the defenceless and to come back a man.The uniform they wore, like a statement of our time.

It says they were different , perhaps two of a kind?Nah, just young lads in the Army, there are plenty around , but these two, now heroes, for they rest in the ground The same ground that you walk on when you shout and your scream,

about murder and invasion in the name of the Queen.Well let me just ask you, as you stand and you shou, what freeom of speech is really about? When a woman is hanged for humming a song, when an infant is beaten for crying too long.Does it make us lads evil for ending these crimes?

For leaving our  own children to give those people our time?

When an Islamist shouts about the Infidel, he knows he's no true Muslim  and Allah knows well to beat on your women, to rape young boys after tea,are no things that the Almighty can wish any to be. 

For a middle class student, from here or a foreign state,to call a working class soldier scum makes me feel more irate.

Your own rights of freedom are paid by us scum,who stand up against evil, in font of Hells guns,

We've seen many things that would bring you to tears whilst some of us have only been alive eighteen years, So, next time you start, with your rights to rant, try and study our eyes, and I'll bet that you can't.Behind them lie horrors that you'll never see, and reason you won't is a soldier like me.

Trper. James Clark, Household Cavalry 


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