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We recently held a Naming Ceremony for the Horrocks and Prescott families on behalf of their Grandson Noah.

It was a beautiful day, with many happy family and guests attending this wonderful event.

Rev. Christina Parfitt (ULC/CSH/UNC) baptised little Noah, with Rev. Patricia Hesketh (CSH) giving him his Spiritual Name.

It truly was a wonderful ocassion, and we were blessed here at PSSC Southport for being asked to do this ceremony for such a wonderful little boy and his family.

Blessings be with you Noah all the days of your life......

All proceeds going into church funds 

We can now offer .......Marriages/Same Sex/Baptisms/Funerals etc

Our church has been granted a Licence for Marriages for Gay and Hetrosexuals!  So we are now taking bookings, please contact: 07479374667/pssc53.gmail.com for details, as she is our Liaison Officer to ensure your wedding goes as you want it to - beautifully!

We are also available for Blessings, Naming Ceremonies/Baptisms, and Funerals, Memorial Services and same sex marriages

Our Minister is the Rev. Christina Parfitt (CCHA/ULC/CSH)

From the 12th November 2012, Christina M Parfitt, was granted licences as Authorized Persons for our church, to officiate marriages

During early 2017 we were issued with a further 1 licence for

Reverend: Sally Wall


Please contact:  07479374667/[email protected]

(Our aim is to ensure that the bookings taken are as stress free as is possible.)



 We can have the church either way around to suit your taste.

 Dressed for the Wedding!

The signing of the Register room prepared

 The church dressed for the Haigh, McLaughlin Wedding

We do our best to accommodate you and your guests here at PSSC, if you wish to book your wedding with us 


John & Stacey June 2016


Celebration of Life for Valerie Rose Ewings

Sadly we lost a beautiful member of our Congregation this year 2017, Valerie Rose Ewings.

Val fought a hard battle with cancer, but never once did we see her without that fabulous smile on her face, which lit up our church at her every visit.

Our church was full to capacity on the day of Val's funeral, with our Ministers all wishing to take their part in her Celebration of Life.

Her son, Ryan and daughter Olivia were a credit to her, and despite their loss, did their mother proud on this very special day.

Val will be missed by us all, I know I for one miss her.

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